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Northallerton Win a Tight Contest with Stokesley

On Monday 21st January, our club hosted members from Stokesley PS for our annual inter-club competition between the
two clubs.  There were two sections to the competition, Prints and PDi, with each club entering 15 photos into each section,
with any one member having only one entry per section. 

"Maleficent" by Eddie Bishop

Our Judge for the evening was Martin Vickerman from Richmond CC.  Marks as usual were out of 30 and Martin entertained us with a detailed and
thoughtful analysis of each photograph, before awarding the score.  The Prints Section was held first and when the scores were added up at the
end of that section Northallerton had scored 367 points as against 355 for our guests.  The score of 30 for this section went to Eddie Bishop,
of Northallerton, for his portrait entitled "Maleficent".  Also in the points for Northallerton were Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p EPSA MPAGB,
with 29 points for "Geoff the Horse Whisperer"  and 28 for Eric Hall with "Kirkcarron, North Pennines".

"Geoff the Horse Whisperer" by Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p EPSA MPAGB

We then moved on to the PDI Section. and once again the scores kept everybody in suspense, with little to separte the two clubs. 
This time the top score of 30 points went to Stokesley's Andrew Lings for his natural history image entitled "Connected". 
Our highest score of 29 marks went to Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB with her studio portrait "Menacing".     


"Menacing" by Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB

Our next highest scorer was Trish Newey-King with 27 points for "Alien Encounter". When the scores were totted up again we had
just sneaked ahead again with 358 point to Stokesley's 353.  This meant that overall it was Northallerton's turn to come out on top
with a grand total of 725 points to Stokelsey's 708.

"Alien Encounter" by Trish Newey-King

What is clear, is that the contests between our two clubs are always a 'close run thing', as with last year when Stokesley won. It is also true
to say is that the competition is always a most enjoyable event with some superb prints and images from both clubs. Congratulations to all
who had their work included in either club's entries


(January 2019)



The 2019 Northallerton CC Calendar Showcases our Club

This is now the third year that the club has pit together a calendar containing many of our members most successful
photographs from the last twelve months.  The resulting production is a superb representation of Northallerton Camera
Club's work and is the ideal Christmas present to give to relatives and friends, if not also to yourselves.



The Calendar is once again printed to A4 size so that it will easily fit into standard envelops for posting, if you wish.
Competitively priced at £7.50p per copy it is an opportunity not to be missed and if you buy five or more that price is discounted to £6.50p.
Stocks are limited so don't hang about. To reserve you copies please contact Stuart Goldie on 01845 587258 or use the "Contact Page" on this web site.
Just tell us what you want and leave us with contact details and we will get back to you to organise your order.
All profits from the sale of the Calendar will go to club funds.


(October 2018)

Members gain success in the 39th Northern Counties Salon

Six of our club members gain success in the recently held 39th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography.
Between them they gained a total 20 scceptances spread across all four sections of the event, which attracted nearly
3,500 entries from 330 entrants from some 30 different countries.  Our congratulations go to all six, and expecially to
David Beadle who was awarded an "NCPF Ribbon" in the Nature Section for his shot shown below entitled "Head over Heels"



David also had a second 'acceptance' in the Nature Section.  Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB had
3 acceptances in the Nature Section.   Chris Morton DPAGB was well rewarded with 7 acceptances spread
across all 4 Sections; 3 in Open Colour, 2 in Open Monochrome and 1 each in Nature and Photo-Travel.
Our Chairman, Paul Newey gained an acceptance in the Open Mono Section.
Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB had 2 acceptances in the Open Colour Section and 1 in the Open Monochrome,
whilst John Webster ARPS MPAGB gained one in Nature, 2 in Open Colour and a 4th in Photo-Travel. 

What an excellent result for the club and its members congratulations to all and thank you for supporting
your local International salon.  For full details of all the results from the salon please follow this link to:-
39th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography


(November 2018)



Our Annual Exhibition of Prints opens at Northallerton Library on East Road on Saturday 11th August 2018.
With a superb display of member's prints it will remain open to the public until Friday 31st August.


The exhibition contains almost all the prints that our members entered into this year's Annual Exhibition of Prints. The quality
of the prints and the enthusiasm of our members shines through in the display. Not only is it well worth a visit by our members, but
it also showcases the club to the community of Northallerton and we hope that all who visit enjoy viewing our images.
We also hope that,if anyone finds inspiration, they consider joining what is a friendly and
welcoming group of enthusiasts of all ranges of ability and interests.


(August 2018)




Our Congratulations to Peter Mudd ARPS CPAGB

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we can report that one of our “Country Members”, Peter Mudd, has been recognised by the Royal Photographic Society, who have granted him their “Associateship” distinction following his submission of a superb documentary panel of 15 images as an Applied Panel.

Peter has always been a popular member of Northallerton CC and for many years served on our Committee as its Hon.Secretary before his career took him to South Yorkshire, where he joined Penistone CC and Yorkshire Monochrome Group. During his time with us he was awarded the CPAGB distinction for a panel largely made up of his portraiture work. Since then he has maintained his interest in our club, remaining a “Country Member” to this date, has returned to us periodically to show us his work and in 2016 he won our trophy for the best portrait in our Annual Exhibition.

Shortly after he left for South Yorkshire his wife Susan was taken very seriously ill and, as she is now paralysed on her left side, always needs someone with her. This has restricted Peter’s photography quite severely but, with the help of willing carers, he still manages to pursue his interest in street photography, especially portraiture. His successful panel is made up of fifteen superbly sympathetic images of homeless people from a number of cities including Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool and even London. Peter says he has got rid of quite a few pound coins to some unfortunate people and has seen quite a few sights in some of the back streets; as he says, a sad sign of the times. He will also tell you that he has had some interesting conversations with these people, like the bloke in “Carry on Regardless”, called Labonte; so named because of his mother’s obsession with Red Indians.

One of his panel, “Helping Hand” (below), was featured by the RPS Documentary Group, of which he is a member and Peter was asked how he went about taking the picture. I will leave it to his words,
“I saw a group of about eight homeless people together and there was some shouting going on amongst them, so I knew there was some tension around. Some looked to be suffering the after effects of either drugs or alcohol. Two others, who eventually moved on, had previously been arguing loudly. I knew it was a real opportunity to photograph a real action shot displaying a really sad situation, one that is becoming all too common in some of our main cities.
At first I walked on not wanting to attract any trouble but later my curiosity and determination to get a photo made me return. I was chatting to one of the group and had already taken a photo with their permission when one of them who was sitting down collapsed on the floor, one of the others laid him on his side and held on to him so I took the shot. His friend spotted me and told me to f--- --f, so I did! “

What a superb achievement by one of photography’s really nice people. Congratulations Peter, from all of us, and after
this we are really looking forward to your visit to Northallerton next year with your talk on “Street Life”.

(May 2018)



Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentation Evening

On Friday 27th April, over 40 members of our club and their guests attended at the Allertonshire Hotel for our end
of season Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentation. In keeping with long tradition at the club a guest speaker was
invited to join us and this year our outgoing President, Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB, managed to get
John Coulson, a past Mayor of Northallerton, and his wife Daphne to join us.

This event has been held for many years and is always the culmination of our club season’s activities. As can be
seen from the image below it is quite a sight when all the trophies are gathered together, almost weighing the table
down. Many of these trophies go back a lot of years, the oldest dating back to the 1930’s when the club was formed.

After enjoying a pleasant three course dinner, John rose to speak and quickly set a light hearted and humorous tone
as he spent the next 15 to 20 minutes describing his long held passion for collecting various items and memorabilia
relating, among other things, to Northallerton.


At the end of his task, we imposed on Daphne Coulson to present the very many trophies that had been won by
various members of the club over the past 2017/18 season. It was very pleasing to note that, whilst one or two
members gained a number of trophies, overall they were spread across a large number of our members.

Our Trophy Winners who attended the event (left to right) :-
back row:- Trevor Thurlow, David Beadle, Miles Langthorne, Paul Cayton, Dave Coates, Michael Clark,
Bob Middleton, Richard Cochrane, John Webster & Richard Collier
front row:- Sheila Coates, Daphne Coulson, Pauline Pentony & Eric Hall.

(April 2018)

Northallerton Members’ Results from the 2018 Northern Counties Annual Competitions

A total of 10 of our members entered nearly 50 prints and/or images in this year’s NCPF Annual Competitions. Whilst our entries in the Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints Sections enjoyed mixed results, we did enjoy considerable success in the PDI Section, with our club entry being in joint 1st place for the “Miles Audas Memorial Trophy” and with many individual images being recognised for their quality.



"Tidal Wash" by John Webster ARPS MPAGB

In the Monochrome Section, whilst the club entry was placed joint 11th in mid-table so to speak, John Webster ARPS MPAGB with “Tidal Was” was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate.In addition Secrets” by Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB was selected to represent the NCPF in the national Alliance Competition. In the Colour Print Section, none of our members received awards, but the club did slightly better with its entry finishing in joint 8th Place.That being said, both Pauline Pentony and John Webster had a print selected for the Alliance Competition. John also had one print chosen for the NCPF Selectors Choice Portfolio, with Hilary Crick having two chosen for the same selection.

"Scarlet Lady" by Richard Cochrane ARPS DPAGB

As mentioned above the story of our PDI entry was different.The Club Entry of 6 images, scored 83 points, with four achieving a maximum 15 points each.This resulted in us being placed joint 1st place with Keswick PS.Individually, Pauline Pentony, with “Pure White” (shown in our earlier report on the Club Championships) was awarded the “Bryan Gilbert Trophy” for the best portrait. In addition to that, 6 of our members were given Highly Commended Certificates in this section; Richard Cochrane ARPS DPAGB, Hilary Crick, Chris Morton DPAGB and Pauline Pentony, with 1 each; Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB with 2 and finally John Webster with all 3 of his permitted entries receiving HC Certificates.


"Hoverfly on Plantain" by Hilary Crick

In addition to that a total of 9 images from six members had images selected for the Alliance Competition; Richard Cochrane, Hilary Crick, Chris Morton and John Webster had one each chosen, Pauline Pentony had 2 chosen, whilst Patricia Kearton had all 3 of her entry selected for the Alliance Competition. Finally Pauline Pentony and Chris Morton had one each chosen for the NCPF Selectors Choice Portfolio.


All in all that was very good result and our congratulations must go to everyone who entered for supporting the club and achieving such creditable results.

Full details of all the results can be accessed via this link to:- The NCPF Annual Competition Results.

(April 2018)




Northallerton Lose Out in our Annual Inter-Club with Stokesley

On Thursday, 15th March a large contingent of Northallerton's members travelled to Stokesley PS for our Annual Inter-Club Competition with them. The Judge for the evening was David Phillips from Hartlepool, an old friend of both clubs. In his opening remarks he commented on the fact that this competition had been held for over a quarter of a century and that he did not know of a more keenly fought inter-club battle between two of the best clubs in the region. It was always a competition he enjoyed because of the friendly rivalry but warm hospitality on these occasions.

Each club had entered 15 images in the PDI Section and 15 Prints in the Print Section, with no more than on per member in each section. The evening's proceedings opened with the PDI Section with images from each club being shown alternately and scored out of 30 marks. For the first half dozen rounds it was neck and neck so far as the points were concerned, but then Stokesley began to creep ahead slightly. At the end of the section Stokesley end up with 393 points from their 15 images, just 4 points ahead of Northallerton.

The image awarded the maximum score of 30 marks was a landscape entitled "Farmhouse Dawn" from Stokesley. Our best score was 29 by Chris Morton DPAGB with "Bee-eater Landing", whilst Hilary Crick and Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB were given scores of 28 with "Hoverfly Washing" and "Zest" respectively. Bob Crick and Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB with "Female Stonechat" and "European Bee-eaters Mating" scored 27 each.


We then moved on the Prints Section and again it was a case of Stokesley creeping ahead on Northalleton with the scores, In fact at one stage it loked as if they were going to run away with the result, but we did manage to claw back some of the lead, but not enough to prevent Stokesley coming out in the lead by a substantial 8 points with 400 marks to our 392. Again the maximum score went to Stokesley with a creative portrait entitled "Charlie". This time it was Eddie Bishop who achieved a score of 29 with his still life "Corn on the Cob" (displayed in the previous news item to this). Don Nesham CPAGB with "Rievaulx Temple", and Bob Crick with "Guillemot in Flight" each scored 28 and there were scores of 27 for Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p EPSA MPAGB with "Lady of Crete" and Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB with "Simplicity".

This meant that at the end of the competition Stokesley had an overall lead of 12 points. Our congratulations go to Stokesley for a fine win, which we would hope to reverse next year, and our thanks go to Dave Phillips for what, despite the result, was an excellent evenings judging on his part. His comments were instructive and I doubt anyone could really find serious fault with any of his critique. Our thanks also go to all those of our members who submitted prints and images for selection for this competition.



(March 2018)

Northallerton's Day at the NCPF Club Championships


This year only three of our members travelled to Clara Vale, on Tyneside, for the 2018 NCPF Annual Club Championships. That being said we enjoyed an interesting day with some small success for our club, being placed third in the Prints Competition. We were not so successful in the PDI, ending up just outside the winning places.

The Championships are open to all member clubs of the Federation and is divided into two sections, PDI and Prints. Each club has to enter 20 pictures in each section that they have chosen to enter; in Northallerton's case that was in both sections. The Judges this year were:- Simon Allen EFIAP MPAGB APAGB (Dumfries CC), Steve Fowler (Ryton & Dist CC) and David Hall ARPS DPAGB (Gateshead CC). They used scoring machines to mark the individual pictures and the first two clubs in each Section are invited to represent the Federation in in the National Championships later in the year.



The PDI Section was run first and whilst the lighting conditions in the room were not ideal, it was of course the same for all. At the end of the section, in what was a generally low scoring competition, the winners were Keswick PS with 222 points, Hexham & District PS came second with 213 and Durham PS third with 209. With a score of 198 Northallerton ended up in 4th place. Pauline Pentony with 13 marks for her image "Pure White" was our best score with Chris Morton scoring 12 for both his "Mountain Hare" and his "Misty Morning". There were also creditable results for Hilary Crick, Eric Hall, Patricia Kearton, Chris Morton and Pauline Pentony, who all got scores of 11 with their entries.


This was quickly followed by the Prints Section and once again it was Keswick PS that came out winners with 238 points, beating Durham (215 points) into second place. This time Northallerton did a little better with a score of 203 points taking us into third place. Our best scores this time came from Eddie Bishop, with "Corn on the Cob" and Miles Langthorne with "Osprey with Fish" and "Kingfisher", which all scored 12 points. Eddie Bishop, Dave Coates, Pauline Pentony and Trevor Thurlow were also successful with scores of 11 for their prints.



This means that this is the second year running that Northallerton will not be representing Northern Counties at the National Club Championships and whilst this is disappointing we have to recognise that our standard of entries, whilst producing some super results, fell just short of the required standard overall.



Still there is next year and, as we thank our entrants and all those who supplied pictures for this year, we can look forward to another go next year. What was especially pleasing were the number of our members, who are relatively new to this type of competition, who produced some excellent results that bodes well for the future.

(February 2018)