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Northallerton win our Annual Inter-club with Stokesley PS

Tonight we held our Annual Inter-club Competition with Stokesley PS.  It was judged by our
NCPF President, Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB APAGB, from Blyth PS and what a cracking job he did.

"Robber Fly" 
by  Bob Crick

From start to finish it was a close run thing, as it see-sawed back and forth, with rarely more
than a handful of points between the two clubs. Yes we ended up 8 points to the good
with a total of 633 points to Stokesley's 625, but it does seem to go in turn; we lost last year
but won two years ago, so perhaps honours are even between our two clubs.

"Dawn Light on the Dunes" by  Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP/b PPSA DPAGB

This year of course it was a little different with only PDI in the competition. Each club therefore had
an entry of 25 PDI to make up for the missing prints. It was also good that both clubs were able
to ensure that no member had more than 2 images each.

"Roseate Spoonbill" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB

In our case it also meant that every members who submitted
images for the competition had at least one included, so it really was a team effort. by the club.

"Golden Plover" by David Beadle ARPS

Well done to the members of both clubs, but especially to our of course.  Special congratulations go to
Bob Crick and to Sheila Coates who were each awarded the maximum of 30 points
for their "Robber Fly" and "Dawn Light on the Dunes" respectively.

"Curlew" by Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB

Whilst we had no images score 29, a total of four images scored 28 marks, "Roseate Spoonbill"
by Patricia Kearton, "Golden Plover" by David Beadle, "Curlew" by Miles Langthorne and
"Voracious  Feeders" by Cathy Earle.  Once again a club effort with 6 different members
figuring in the top 6 scored images.

"Varacious Feeders" by  Cathy Earle.

Finally a some big thank yous to Stokesley PS for such a great competition, and also to Jim
for a job well done. Roll on next year when we might be able to meet in person rather than 'virtually".


March 2021


Northallerton Compete in NCPF's "zoomed" Club Championship

On Sunday 7th February the NCPF held its Annual Club Championship by 'zoom'.
Three members of the club joined the meeting which, bearing in mind the potential
problems was very well organised and run. 

"Path into the Woods" by  Dave Coates

This event is organised annually by the Federation and all NCPF Clubs are invited to compete for the Trophy.
Normally there are two sections in this competition, one for Prints and the other for PDI, but as with other
coompetitions it was run on a PDI basis only for this year.  It was also run for the first time using the
Zoom software with everybody enjoying the day from the comfort of their homes.

"Looking" by Alan Graham

Each club had reviously submitted 20 Images for the Judges to view and each score between 2 and 5,
making a potential maximum score of 15 per image.. The Judges were were, George Ledger ARPS DPAGB,

"Misty Anchorage" by Chris Morton

We were treated to some super images as the afternoon progressed and at the halfway stage things
looke quite reasonable with us maintaining an average score of marginally over 11 per image; but,
you do need an average of about 12 or over to be in with a chance of winning competitions like this.

"Conceal" by Pauline Pentony 

In the second half our scores dropped a little and at the end we had amassed a total of 215,
which when the totals were counted up we were in 4th Place, just 2 points shy of 3rd place,
where we ended up last year.   The winners were Keswick PS, who scored 236 points,
second was Gosforth CC with 225 and in third place was South Shields PS with 217.

"Dawn Light on the Dunes" by Sheila Coates

In our entry we used images from twelve of our members, which we thought amounted to an
excellent contributuion from our club. Our entries received two scores of 13 for "Dawn Mists, Tuscany" and 
"Path into the Woods", both by Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p ESFIAP APSA PPSA MPAGB HonPAGB.  
In fact only 2 or 3 images scored 14 and none were given the maximum mark of 15.
A further four images scored 12, these being "Looking"  by one of our new members,
Alan Graham LRPS"Misty Anchorage" by Chris Morton DPAGB,
"Conceal" by Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB and
"Dawn Light on the Dunes" by Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP PPSA DPAGB.

"Dawn Mists, Tuscany" by Dave Coates

We may not have qualified to represent NCPF in the PAGB National Championship (only the top two
get this honour) later this year, but this was a very creditable result and I am sure the Committee
and the club will join me in thanking everyone who contributed images for selection,
without whom we would not have achieved anything.


February 2021

PAGB awards the J.S.Lancaster Medal to Dave Coates

The PAGB, at its 'virtual' Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday 3rd October 2020,
announced that it was awarding the J.S. Lancaster Medal to
This award is the highest honour for service to photography that PAGB can give. 

Dave has been a member of Northallerton CC for over 35 years, but this award was also made
for his services as a member of the PAGB Executive Committee, which he joined in 2009 as NCPF's
Representative, also serving as Chairman of the PAGB Patronage Sub-Committee, for two years.

Howard Tate, the PAGB President, in reading out the citation said,  "After two years
 he commenced duties in one of the most demanding posts that can be held on the Executive
(that of FIAP Liaison Officer) and he remains in that position at the present moment. 
The work involved in carrying out his duties is tremendous and has been carried out with
great enthusiasm and he has earned great respect for his efforts and professionalism
from Clubs, Federations, the PAGB and International Bodies  .  .  .  .  Congratultions Dave.”

As is the tradition with this sort of award Dave, who was present at the meeting, had no inkling
of this presentation and was taken by complete surprise when the announcement was made.


October 2020


Patricia Hinton - 1936-2020


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our long serving members,
Patricia Hinton, who passed away on Friday 14th August after a long illness. 

Patricia was a member of Northallerton Camera Club for a quarter of a century having joined us
with her husband, Russell, in the nineteen nineties.  She was an enthusiastic member of the club and
was appointed to the Committee in 1999, serving on it until 2010.  Appointed as Vice Chairman in
2004 she served as Chairman from 2006 to 2008 and then as President from 2008 top 2010.

Common Spotted and Bee Orchids, pictures by Patricia Hinton
(by kind permission of Russell Hinton)

As Chairman in our 75th Anniversary Year of 2008 she will be remembered for persuading Charlie Waite
to present of Centenary Lecture at The Forum in Northallerton.  Many will also remember the
Anniversary Garden Party that she hosted at her Sowerby home in the summer of that year.
In 2016 she was appointed as Honorary Vice President of the Club, a position she held ever since.

Patricia’s funeral was held at Sowerby Parish Church on Monday 24th August at 12 noon.
Whilst attendance was limited by the current pandemic restrictions,
our other Honorary Vice President, Miles Langthorne attended on behalf of the club.

Our thoughts at this time are with Russell and her family.


August 2020


Northallerton successes at NCPF Annual Competitions

This year's NCPF Annual Competitions, due to the Coronavirus crisis, have been greatly truncated,
with only PDI Sections being held (and they were judged remotely) because it was not considered safe
to do all the necessary handling, which print entries entail.  In the event members from 32 Clubs entered
the competitions, with 885 entries in the Open section and 103 in the Jane Black Trophy for Beginners.
There were 27 club entries for the Myles Audas Memorial Trophy.


Highly Commnded:- "Jaguar Eyes on the Caiman" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB

The Myles Audas Memorial Trophy was won by Keswick PS, so congratulations to them. Gosforth CC and Gallery PG
came 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Whilst Northallerton were joint 8th alongside Stokesley PS, Morton PS and
Copeland PS, a number of our members enjoyed individual success in the Open Section.

Highly Commended:- "The Big Hat" by Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB

There were a total of six Highly Commended Certificates awarded to Patricia Kearton (3),
Chris Morton (2) and Pauline Pentony.  Whilst the PAGB Alliance Competitions have also been
cancelled for 2020 the NCPF decided that they would still go ahead and select entries that would
have been suitable to enter the Alliance Competition for NCPF.  In this respect both Patrica Kearton
and Chris Morton had an image each selected for the "Alliance".
In addition Trish Newey-King  and Chris Morton each had and image chosen for the NCPF Portfolio. 


Highly Commended  & Selected for the Alliance:- "Puffins Bonding" by Chris Morton DPAGB

Our congratulations to not only to those whose work has been recognised by the Judges and Selectors,
but also to all those who entered the event. It is always great to see the club represented and its
members efforts being rewarded.


Selected for the NCPF Portfolio:- "Scarborough Sunrise" by Trish Newey-King

The full results of the competitions, together with more information on how the Competitions
were run can be seen via with this link the the NCPF Website


June 2020



Sheila achieves new FIAP Distinction

A piece of good news during these troubled times.  It is with great pleasure that we can announce that
FIAP have awarded one of our own longstanding members, Sheila Coates LRPS, EFIAP/b, PPSA, DPAGB,
their EFIAP Bronze Distinction for her successes in International Salons and Exhibitions.


Wahweap Hoodoos, Escalante

FIAP award a number of distinctions for such success and this is the third one that Sheila has achieved.
In addition to the minimum 250 acceptances from 50 different pictures required to gain her previous
two distinctions, the criteria for the EFIAP Bronze Distinction requires the applicant to have gained at least a
further 200 acceptances in such salons, and they must have come from at least 50 new and different photographs.
In addition a successful applicant must have received individual awards for at least 4 of those new titles
in at least four different countries.


Lighting a Prayer Candle

Our congratulationms go to Sheila for an achievement she has been working towards for some time now,
and of which she can be rightly proud. We show here three of those images which helped her towards 
her EFIAP Bronze Distinction.


Light Rays on the Pines

Anyone wishing to know more about International salons, what it involves and how to go about entering
should visit the FIAP pages of the PAGB website


May 2020

Trevor's Story

Following on from the previous update on the postponement of Trevor's adventure
this, in his own words, is his story on how things turned out.

I can happily advise you that I got home safely on Friday 20 March. I flew out of Manila
the previous day, all foreign nationals having been instructed to either leave
the Philippines by that evening or remain in quarantine for 4 weeks.

It was a shame that the race had to be postponed but the organisers had no real choice with countries
around the world progressively closing their borders and ports, due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The next challenge due to face the 11 teams was the 4 week crossing of the notorious North Pacific
“in the direction of Seattle” - not a place that you want to be with no guarantee that you that
 you can land at Seattle or anywhere else on the North America Western Seaboard.


As reported in your website updates (and thank you for those) my 6 months at sea, sailing over
27,000 nautical miles and visiting 5 continents was eventful and I have many stories to tell. 

Club members will be able to able to hear some of these and experience, for themselves,
what it is like to live and work aboard a 70ft yacht racing across the world’s oceans in my 
"The Race Of My Life” presentation on Monday 21 December commencing at 7.30pm.

The big question now is; will I return to the Philippines in February 2021 to continue and complete
my circumnavigation of the world?  All will be revealed on the night.



April 2020

Update on Trevor's Race around the World

I probably should have put this up before, but for a number of reasons it got missed. 
It is disappointing to have to report that on the 17th March, with the crew quarantined
in Subic Bay (Philippines), the race had to be postponed for about 10 months
due to the Coronaviorus Pandemic.

We can only imagine how frustrating this must be for Trevor, his crew mates as well as
everyone else involved. either taking part in or organising the event.

This Link to the Race Website will take you to the relevant page,
which explains the situation in more detail.


March/April 2020

David Aldersea Walker

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to record the passing, on 23rd March 2020,
of one of our long standing members, known to us all as David Walker.

Born in 1941 at Harrogate, David moved to Great Smeaton as a boy when his father became Rector of St Eloy's in
the village. Educated at the village school and then at Barnard Castle Independent School, David worked his
whole career for North Yorkshire County Council, undertaking various duties until his retirement in the late 90's.

He was married to his wife Maisie for over 50 years and they adopted 2 children, Nicola and Andrew.
They also had two grandchildren, Thomas and then Abbi. David was very pleased to learn, just before he died
that Thomas had received a place at Cambridge University. 

David had many hobbies. He was a keen gardener, watercolour painter, loved his photography as a member
of Northallerton Camera Club, enjoyed walking and was a member of Northallerton Male Voice Choir for many years.
He joined Northallerton Rotary Club in 2000 where he was a very active member and had a very successful year as
President of the Club in 2015/16. He had a great love of Italy, particularly Limone on Lake Garda, and said many
times he would like to live there. He was a well known, well respected member of the club, a loyal friend, always
happy to help, and always cheerful. He was an all round 'great guy' who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

(Our thanks to his close friend and club member, David Lock, for this obituary.)


(March 2020)