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For details of the rules and guidance for our Annual Exhibitions and other Competitions throughout the year
please use this link to our "Information & Knowledge Base Page"



On Monday 22nd November 2021 our club held its annual "Summer Outings Competition", which this year because
of the Covid Crisis, only involved PDI.   Members were asked to submit a set of three images from any one or
more of the three summer outings that we organised, at Bishop Auckland, Knaresborough and Leyburn.

Eight members submitted sets for our judge, Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB (our own Vice-Chairman) to pass
his opinion on. He did this with both insight and kindness and we thank him sincerely for his efforts.

The results were as follows:-

First Place and winner of the "Roebuck Trophy" was Peter Mudd ARPS CPAGB


"When I'm Cleaning Windows"



"That's Reyt Good""

In Second Place was Alan Graham LRPS with:-
"Auckland Tower and Market Place", "Vacant, Bishop Auckland" and "Down the River Nidd"


In Third Place was Paul Cayton with:-
"Duet", "No Passengers Today" and "Two's Company, Three's a Crowd"


John Stokes CPAGB was Highly Commended with:-:-
"Auckland Tower", "In Bishop Auckland Market Place" and "Newton Gap Viaduct"

Congatulations to all who were able to take part; and whilst not a large entry, it was a pleasure
to see some excellent images submitted.


November 2021





On Monday 8th November 2021 our club held its second 'in person' meeting back at our club rooms at the
Methodist Church in Brompton. This time it was for the second of our Members' Night Competitions for this season.
The subject for the competition was "In The High Street" and our judge for the evening was our own
Richard Cochrane DPAGB.  He had the task of assessing some 48 PDI on the subject
and as with the first leg there was no Print Section.    

Richard stated that his judgement was his alone, but that he was aiming to be objective, even with styles
that he might not really like.  This showed through in both his comments and marking.  He was
clearly impressed by the overall standard stating that any of those in the first three positions
could have been worthy winners.


The results were as follows:-

First Place "Scouse Buskers" by Peter Mudd ARPS CPAGB



Five Images were placed in Joint Second Place:-
"Browsing the Brollies"  by Trish Newey-King (also Best Intermediate Entry)
"Dancing on the High Street"  & "The Look of Love"  both by Sheila Coates
"The Winner"  by Dave Coates and
"Window Display"  by Paul Newey




Seven Images were put in Joint 3rd Place:-
"Class Divide"  by Miles Langthorne
"Collapsed man Gets Help, Leeds"  by Eric Hall
"Lunch Break"  by Peter Mudd
"Bones", Dancing in the Street"  and "No Pain, No Gain"
all three by Pauline Pentony and
"Telling the Tale"  by Dave Coates

2111-MN-3rd place.jpg

Six more Images were awarded Highly Commended Certificates:-
"40's Couple"  by Sheila Coates
"Covid High Street"  by Brian Coan
"Derek the Egg Man" Northallerton's Answer to Banksy"  both by Alan Graham
"Porto High Street"  by John Webster and
"Pride and Joy"  by Eddie Bishop



Finally, but by no means least:-

Commended and also Best Club Class Entry


Congatulations to those who met with success and our thanks to Richard for his careful,
perceptive and detailed assessment of all our entries.



November 2021


On Monday 18th October 2021 our club held its first 'in person' meeting back at our club rooms at the
Methodist Church in Brompton. Full safety precautions were taken and we enjoyed what in all 
the circumstances was a superb attendance of 27 members.

The occasion was the first of our Members' Night Competitions of the season. As is our custom the subject for this
event was "Open", with members being allowed to enter up three PDI for assesment. Unfortunately we have not as yet
been able to include a Prints Section but not withstanding that there were some 61 entries to be considered by
our judge for the evening, our own Stephen Byard EFIAP EPSA DPAGB.   

If the results that he delivered are anything to go by Stephen was clearly impressed by our entries, with him awarding,
not only a stunning first place but also 4 second and 3 third places together with 8 Highly Commended Certificates and 
finally 3 Commended Certificates to Club Class Members whose work impressed him.  He delivered his comments with
sensitivity and of course with his usual brand of humour, giving a carefully considered appraisal of every image


The results were as follows:-

First Place "Jay" by Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB



Four Images were placed in Joint Second Place:-

2110-mn-open-2nd place composite 1.jpg

"Approaching Winter, the Tetons" and Limestone Hoodoos, Wahweap" both by 

2110-mn-open-2nd place composite 2.jpg

"Basket Weaver, Dong Village" by Dave Coates ARPS ESFIAP EFIAP/b MPAGB HonPAGB and
"Beauty and Grace" by Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB

Three Images were put in Joint 3rd Place:-
2110-mn-open-3rd place composite.jpg

(Clockwise) "White Pocket Rock Patterns" by Dave Coates"Enchantress" by Pauline Pentony
and "Pebbles" by Paul Cayton

Eight Images were awarded Highly Commended Certificates:-
2110-mn-open-Inter-Club-HCs composite.jpg

"Golden Eagle" by Trish Newey-King - This was also awarded Best Intermediate Class Entry
"Season of Mists" by Dee Hanson - This was also awarded Best Club Class Entry

2110-mn-open-HC-composite 1.jpg

"All That Jazz" by Pauline Pentony and "The Fisherman's Tale" by  Eric Hall

2110-mn-open-HCs composite 2.jpg

"Dust Rider" by Miles Langthorne and "Leaving the Sidings" by Paul Newey

2110-mn-open-HCs Composite 3.jpg

"Apollo Feeding" by Chris Morton DPAGB and "Bee Eater Perched" by Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB


2110-mn-open-Commended composite.jpg

Our sincere thanks go to Stephen for his work in assessing our images and also to those members who 
 stepped up to the plate to ensure the success of this our first normal meeting since before the pandemic
pandemic started well over eighteen months ago.



October 2021



On Monday 22nd March the club held its Annual Projected Image Exhibition, into which members are permitted
to enter up to 4 Projected Digital Images. The judge for the evening was one of the best judges in the Federation,
Richard Speirs DPAGB APAGB BPE2* from Morton PS. He has judged for us before and this evening
he lived up to his not insignificant reputation with a thoughtful, constructive and humorous
presentation of the results.

Please use this link to view the photographs of the Trophy Winners of the Annual Exhibition


Club Class for the "Neesam Cup"
1st:- Cathy Earle  with "The Acrobat"
2nd:- Stuart Goldie with "Top Rider"
3rd:- Dee Hanson with "Whitby Harbour"
Highly Commended:- Marshall Minner with "Winter Melting" & Hazell Robson with "Curlew"

Open Pictorial Class for the "Milnes Cup"
This image was also awarded "Best in Exhibition"

1st:- Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP/b EPSA DPAGB, with "Dawn Light on the Dunes"
2nd:- Patricia kearton LRPS DPAGB with "Mammoth Hot Springs"
3rd:- John Webster ARPS MPAGB with "Moraine Lake, Alberta"
Highly Commended:-
David Beadle ARPS with "Eilean Donnan Castle" & David Lock with "Riley BRT348"


Open Portrait Class for the "Brompton Salver"
1st:- Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB with "Lockdown Ballerina"
2nd:- Eric Hall with "Market Stall Barman"
3rd:- Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP/b EPSA DPAGB with "Lighting a Prayer Candle"
Highly Commended:- Paul Newey with "The Fisherman"

Open Record Class for the "Romanby Salver"
1st:- David Lock with "Credo, Ushaw College"
2nd:- Paul Newey with "Camposanta, Pisa"
3rd:- Eric Hall with "Smithson's Memorial & Window in Stanwick Church"
Highly Commended:- Paul Cayton with "Tulip"

Open Monochrome Class for the "Geoff Burdis Trophy"
1st:- Paul Newey with "Ghost Town Relics"
2nd:- Eddie Bishop with "3 Urchins"
3rd:- Eddie Bishop with "Science Museum, Valencia"
Highly Commended:-
David Beadle ARPS with "In the Bleak Mid Winter"
Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP/b EPSA DPAGB with "Lines & Layers, White Pocket" 
David Lock with "TN35 Will She Make It"
John Webster ARPS MPAGB with "Mountain Hare in Snow"

Open Action Class for the "Maltby Rose Bowl"
1st:- John Webster ARPS MPAGB with "Cockoo Landing"
2nd:- David Beadle ARPS with "Where are You Taking me Now"
3rd:- Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB with "In Control"
Highly Commended:-
Stephen Byard EFIAP ESPA DPAGB with "Neck and Neck"
Paul Newey with "Close Racing"

Open Nature Class for the "Yeoman Cup"
1st:- Patricia Keartyon LRPS DPAGB with "Buzzard Dispute"
2nd:- John Webster ARPS MPAGB with "Kingfisher Feeding"
3rd:- Patricia Keartyon LRPS DPAGB with "Roseate Spoonbill"
Highly Commended:-
Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p ESFIAPMPAGB HonPAGB with "Pair of Grey Crowned Cranes"
Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB with "Rouge Monkey"

(March 2021)



On Monday 1st March 2021 we held we held our final Member's Night Competitions. This time it was
for the "Millennium Trophy",  which is awarded to best set of 3 PDI submitted by our members
and the subject was an Open Theme  chosen by the authgor.  The judge for the evening was
Howard Tate MA(Photo) ARPS AFIAP APAGB, from Pontefract CC and who is the current
President of the PAGB. The members had submitted a total of 21 panels of images  for him to
assess, 63 images in total.  Our sincere thanks go to Howard for his efforts in juding our images and
for his perceptive and constructive comments.
Whilst the detailed results will be circulated to all members, on this page
we are publishing all the images that recieved an award tonight, 

The results were as follows

First Place and Winner of the "MILLENNIUM TROPHY:-

"Red Squirrel" by John Webster ARPS MPAGB

Second Place was Awarded to:-
"Ghost Town Relics" by Paul Newey

3rd Place was awarded to:-
"Clipper Round the World Race" by Trevor Thurlow LRPS 

Three Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to:-
"Glorious Grinton" by David Beadle ARPS

"Tulips" also by Paul Cayton (this was also the Best Intermediate Class Entry)

"North Cheyenne Canyon" by Marshall Minner  (this was also the Best Club Class Entry) 

March 2021


On Monday 8th February 2021 we held our Annual AV Competition. Due to transmission problems
with Zoom it was decided to refer all nine entries to an external Judge for him to comment and
allocate a winner and 2nd and 3rd placings.

The judge chosen was Paul Keene FRPS MPAGB MFIAP EFIAP/d3 from Smethwick PS. Paul also kindly
agreed to provide written comments on all the entries and these have been circulated to all involved.
I am sure that they will prove very helpful to all our nine entrants.

The results were as follows:-

1st Place and winner of the "AV Trophy"

 John Stokes CPAGB with "A Visit to Helmsley"
Paul commented on his sequence by saying:- "The commentary was well recorded, well researched,
and informative. It set the scene very well and provided a good storyline. Photography was very
competent and uniform –appropriate for a documentary style presentation."

"2nd  Place"
David Niman
with "The Cinder Track"
Paul commented "Very well researched. Great narrative. Very well recorded.
All-in-all, a very competent production and a lot of effort obviously went into making it."

"3rd  Place"
David Beadle 
with "My Images 2014"
Paul commented, "Good way to display your interests and photographic skills.
I like the idea of presenting your work as chapters in a book."

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to Paul for stepping in at such short notice
and doing such a splendid job in the circumstances. No disrespect to Paul but hopefully next year
we can return to our normal format involving our members in deciding the winner of the trophy.

February 2021


On Monday 1st February 2021 we held another fully "Zoomed" competition night. This was for the fourth of this
season's Member's Night Competitions, and the subject was "Seasons".  In line with this year's policy the
competition was confined to PDI only.  The judge for the event was Alan Porrett ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB,
from Whitley bay PSD. Alan is another old and good friend to our club and he joined us live to give his
comments and scores on our members 70 entries.  His comments were well received as usual and despite
the internet gremlins interrupting Alan part way through, I am sure we all thank him for an excellent evening.
Whilst the detailed results will be circulated to all members, on this page
we are publishing all the images that recieved an award tonight, 

The results were as follows

First Place and Winner of the Competition:-

"Snowy Owl Hunting" by John Webster ARPS MPAGB

Second Place was Awarded Jointly to two images:-
"Autumn Gold" by Chris Morton DPAGB

"Lakeland Pass" also by Chris Morton

Two entries were awarded Joint 3rd Place:-
"The Twisleton Erratic" by Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p ESFIAP MPAGB HonPAGB

"Spring Storm Light, St Mary's" also by Dave Coates

Seven Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to:-
"Black Rock Cottage Winter" by Stephen Byard EFIAP EPSA DPAGB

"Roseberry Topping, Late Summer" also by Stephern Byard

"Enjoying the Summer Nectar" by Cathy Earle
This was also the
 Best Club Class Image 

"Ashness Bridge in Autumn" by Sheila Coates LRPS EFIAP/b PPSA DPAGB

"Spring Sheep & Lambs" by Eric Hall

"Ribblehead Station" by Paul Newey

"Summer Sky" by Trevor Thurlow LRPS

The Best Intermediate Class Entry was:-

"From Maison Dieu" by Richard Collier

February 2021