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These are the award winning photographs of our members from our
"2016 Annual Print and PDI Exhibitions".

"Bob Robinson Cup" (Club Class Prints) "Early Morning on the Pier" by Mandi Connolly "The Oak Plaque" (Intermediate Class Prints) "Northallerton Prison" by Eddie Bishop "Tom Cross Silver Salver" (Advanced Pictorial Prints) "Before the Storm" by John Webster "NCC Certificate" (Open Portrait Prints) "Liz" by Peter Mudd "NCC Certificate" (Open Record Prints) "Newborough Priory" by Paul Newey "Salisbury Salver" (Open Action Prints) "Harmony" by Pauline Pentony "The Martin Cup" (Open Nature Prints) "Mountain Hare in Snow" by Miles Langthorne "Smith Dodsworth Trophy" (Monochrome Prints) "The Short Straw" by Robert Hudson "Neesam Cup" (Club Class Projected Images) "Misty Daybreak" by Bob Middleton "The Oak Plaque" (Intermediate Class Projected Images) "Nearing Tan Hill" by Richard Collier "The Milnes Cup" (Advanced Pictorial Projected Images) "Luskentyre Colours" by Chris Morton "NCC Certificate" (Open Record Projected Images) "Redcar Blast Furnice (before the flame went)" by Paul Newey "NCC Certificate" (Open Portrait Projected Images) "Street Urchin" by Miles Langthorne "The Maltby Rose Bowl" (Open Action Projected Images) "Jet Ski Waves" by Chris Morton "The Yeoman Cup" (Open Nature Projected Images) "Crested Tit in Snow" by John Webster "Geoff Burdis Trophy" (Monochrome Projected Images) "Thundering Waves" by Chris Morton